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Moringa Oleifera vs. COVID-19?

I first came across Moringa about 15 years ago. A family member in Galicia, North Spain, had been recommended to take a few capsules of Moringa Oleifera each morning to reduce liquid retention which had been constantly causing her serious discomfort in both lower legs. After years of taking prescribed medication which, at best, provided mediocre results, she had found her “Holy Grail”. After just a few days, the swelling decreased. After a few weeks, her legs were almost back to normal. She could comfortably fit into footwear which had previously been restrictive due to the liquid retention around her ankles. I witnessed the first of many demonstrations over the years of how this incredible plant, Moringa Oleifera, could improve quality of life.

Fast forward to 2020, we are enduring the second wave of a viral pandemic. As the months roll on, between the bitter politicization, the conspiracy theories, the economic fallout, the fake news and the fear, some valid and useful scientific facts are actually making their way to the surface.It appears that the severity of infection from COVID-19 is relative to the viral load. A short, sharp exposure to a high viral load seems to catch our immune system snoozing, and can lead to more severe symptoms in comparison to exposure to a less dense load of the virus. Also, there are some early indications that repeated very light exposure to the virus over time could, without actually triggering an infection, precondition our immune systems to the point where we are more prepared to resist infection upon exposure to a higher viral load (adaptive immunity). But one of the most logical and sensible scientific studies which has been published came out of the Journal of Infection and Public Health in July of this year.

The study, Immune Response in COVID-19; A Review, states;

"Because there is no registered medicine or vaccine against COVID-19, the immune system is the best defense because it supports the body’s natural ability to defend against pathogens (viruses, bacteria, fungi, protozoan, and worms) and resists infections. As long as the immune system is functioning normally, infections such as COVID-19 go unnoticed. However, when the body encounters germs or viruses for the first time, the immune system cannot work properly, and illness can occur. This scenario is what has occurred in the case of COVID-19".

So, the human race will be able to fight off COVID-19, just as it does with most common illnesses. Unfortunately, it is apparent that some of the population are not ready yet.

So what if we collectively try to optimize, or even increase the capability of our immune system? Could this be a part of the puzzle? Could a turbocharged immune system help us to resist a higher viral load? Could we make our own immune systems the primary weapon to cut off COVID-19 from mass circulation?

Whilst pharmaceutical giants celebrate as their stock-market values soar each and every time that they announce a development in their race to develop and test their vaccine, perhaps not enough government or media attention has been focused upon ourselves and our own capacity to take control of the pandemic. Perhaps we would rather endure social distancing, wearing masks, or restrictions of movement rather than quitting smoking, drinking less or giving up candy bars and oven ready delicacies, laced with hormones and chemical additives. Is it that we would prefer to see our economy fall into the abyss rather than spend a little more each month on healthy, organic food and natural immune system optimizers?

The pharmaceutical industry is not really to blame. It is just doing what it does, taking advantage of our apathy. It is OUR responsibility to take care of OUR own bodies as much as we possibly can. This isn’t 1960. The information is out there, it’s freely available to anyone who is willing to spend a little time filtering out the misinformation in order to find what they really need to do in order to free themselves from the chains of a destructive mainstream diet.

So, what’s all this got to do with Moringa? Well, just about every clinical study of Moringa Oleifera on human subjects has indicated that one of its main properties is its powerful ability to optimize the immune system. Let us not forget that poverty and the consequent poor diet available to the socio-economically disadvantaged population were catalysts of the 1918 pandemic. If more of the world's population had access to a healthier and adequate diet, perhaps the virus might not have been able to get such a deadly grip on the human race. This time around, perhaps it's the obesity, the cholesterol, the excess sugar and the "E" numbers lurking in processed foods which are holding the door open to the pandemic. Am I claiming that Moringa Oleifera is some miracle cure for COVID-19? Of course not, that would be absurd and irresponsible. Moringa isn’t a “Holy Grail” to end this pandemic. But the bottom line is that short to medium term use of Moringa could possibly help us to not become infected under some circumstances, or in the worst case scenario, it might prepare our bodies to fight off an infection more efficiently. As there is no real downside to taking Moringa, there’s nothing to lose but potentially everything to win.

As my family member in Galicia discovered all those years ago, Mother Nature often holds the key. Sometimes we just need the motivation to pick up that key and open the door for ourselves.


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